Lip retractor with centralized suction


Lip retractor with centralized suction




For a safer dental practice

Did you know that during standard dental procedures pathogen-infested residues are released into the dental operatory? This is a result of the use of spray from drills, counter-angles, handpieces and ultrasounds.

These pathogens stay in the air of the dental operatory for more than two hours and are not filtered out by conventional masks. They end up contaminating everything within 3m2, when they eventually land.

Cross-contamination is the most significant risk in the dental operatory and studies show that it is the main cause of infection in dentistry among patients and oral health professionals.

Oral BioFilter, is a lip retracting system that improves the environment, safety and hygiene of everyone who is in the dental operatory.



MORE THAN 98% EFFICIENCY in eliminating cross-contamination in the dental operatory. OBF connects to the chair’s High Volume Evacuator hose, thus creating an air curtain that prevents aerosols from escaping the patient’s oral cavity.

As a lip retractor, it IMPROVES THE ACCESSIBILITY of the dentist to the oral cavity. By keeping the patient’s mouth open in a relaxed manner, it also INCREASES SAFETY AND COMFORT as it prevents the patients from closing their mouth spontaneously.

OBF is manufactured with a medical grade plastic which is very flexible, to enable an easy fitting, certified under the ISO 13485 for medical devices

Where to buy it



The OBF is available through our distributor network around the world. You can find yours here. If there is not yet a distributor in your country, please contact us directly.



The Oral BioFilter system, is endorsed and recognised by the aerospace agency and has won international awards for functionality and development:

ATUSALUD 2020 Award

Best product for prevention against COVID-19


European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre

EIT Programa HeadStart

European Institute of Technology Health



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